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Hebei baisite Technology Co., Ltd. (a Subcompany of ShiJiaZhuang CaiRui Building Material Co.,Ltd) in the city of Shijiazhuang a window to the outside world, specifically responsible for the sales in the domestic and overseas markets, the company relies on Taihang Mountains is rich in mineral resources, make full use of the local geographical and resource advantages, and the introduction of modern advanced production technology, and to employ the strong support of the chemical processing industry of experts and domestic many well-known university research center, first-class level of multi-layer management system has been established, the specialty is engaged in the environmental mineral materials and daily necessities, such as product development, development, production.
The company's 3 production lines:
The first production of sand, natural sand, quartz sand,
Second production of mineral powder tourmaline, negative ion powder, far infrared powder etc.,
Third production of vermiculite, vermiculite, mica and other wear-resistant fireproof materials
Independent products, stable quality, adequate inventory, ensure timely delivery.
The production of nano materials by the company has been adopted by many different industries in China, and has been praised and recognized by enterprises. Also widely used in environmental protection, handicrafts, medical, daily chemical, plastics, building decoration, negative ion occurs device, health, clothing, health care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automotive surface treatment, paint, soil improvement, water processing, purify the air and biological engineering and other high-tech fields.
Products are also exported to Malaysia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and other countries.
We adhering to the "science and technology industry, common development" as the mission, to promote the "efficient and enterprising" spirit of science and technology development, as the quality of life, quality service, good reputation, and constantly meet the needs of customers, for the development of China's nano materials industry to make new and greater contributions
Company philosophy: the best (the best, Best the most pleasant, the most suitable)

We offer only the best to our clients.


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