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Vermiculite board fire door

As with vermiculite fire door core door, its advantages are as follows:

1, flame retardant, heat insulation, high temperature resistance. After a long period of high temperature baking, it can still maintain its integrity.
2, environmental protection, because it is composed of inorganic materials, so do not contain formaldehyde, benzene and other toxic substances, even at high temperatures, do not release toxic, harmful gases.
3, vermiculite belongs to light fireproof material, and the weight of the fire door light, hinge chain load low that reduced the use may cause wear, prolongs the service life of the fire door, saving maintenance costs.
4, made of slate, the wooden fire door, its surface is smooth, no bubbles.
5, easy to install. The vermiculite fire door according to the manufacturer's design process, when installing the dressing to the required length, easy to install.
6, saving the cost of the plant. Vermiculite as the door core, in the production process of save off a traditional craft in many processing tasks, but also saves the material stack space, in artificial, flow, location and save the cost.
Fire rating of 7, the vermiculite fire door high. With our door core board to do the fire door, in foreign testing, the maximum fire resistance limit of 4 hours.
8 and the other application vermiculite can be applied to furniture, wall, ceiling, can also be used for fire channel steel, coated, coated pipeline, real flame fireplace in the lining board, wall partition and so on.


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