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Vermiculite for Acoustic Insulatio

The struggle with the technical and everyday noise – one of the urgent problems of modern society. Chronic exposure to extraneous noises and sounds not only delivers the sensation of discomfort, but also, ultimately, adversely affect human health. For this reason, every year on the market today soundproofing materials appear more insulating materials.

Expanded vermiculite can effectively absorbing sound waves. The maximum dispersion and absorption of sound waves takes place in the dissipative (scattering) of granular media with slotted pores. This is the environment and is the bulk expanded vermiculite.

When constructing floors, intermediate floors and attic insulating layer of organizing expanded vermiculite with a minimum thickness of 5 cm if both issues are resolved, and insulation (expanded vermiculite is also an excellent thermal insulator), the thickness of the layer must be increased to 8 cm.

It should be noted that the expanded vermiculite has a much larger sound absorption (1.5-2 times) than the mineral or wood-fiber boards, polystyrene, brick or wood.

In recent years, increasing use is based on the plaster of vermiculite insulation for exterior walls and interior partitions. These plasters are easy to use, possess good adhesion and decorative qualities.


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