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Vermiculite for Packing Material

Vermiculite is lightweight, absorbent and nonabrasive properties make it an excellent choice for packing materials for any shipment. Exfoliated vermiculite is naturally inert and safe, it easily pours around irregular shaped objects and provides a cushion against shock during handling and transportation. Being highly absorbent, vermiculite packing material is ideal for shipping anything hazardous, flammable, liquid or any combination of industrial products when leaking could occur.

Exfoliated vermiculite’s natural absorbency and fire-resistant characteristics as well as its fluffy, cushioning texture make it an ideal option for use as packing material for important items that need to be stored for long periods of time. You never need to worry about damage from fire, roof leaks or improper handling. Baisite Vermiculite offers a wide range of particle sizes to suit individual customer needs. We can help determine the right packing material for you!


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