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Color Sand

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  • Product description: Color sand , Dye Color sand ,Natrual Color Sand , Have many colors , many sizes , widely application ,

Product Description


natural colored sand


Natural Granite , Marble


White , Black , Red, Yellow , Green , Blue ect 


Landscaping , Paving , Home decoration , Garden Decoration, paint & coating 


10-20 mesh , 20-40 mesh , 40-60 mesh , 60-80mesh , 80-120 mesh  ect




25kg /bag or big bags

Delivery time

within 7 days after receiving your deposit


Non-toxic,  tasteless , environmental protection


 natural color, permanent color coated, temporary color coated


 Permanent color coated(PCC) sand: live color, acid-alkali resistant, URL resistant, color never faded

Natural color sand: produced from crushed natural stone, color never fade, but a little more content of impurities

Temporary color coated(TCC) sand: color live, while color are ease to fade

 Usages: construction, man-made tile, ceramic tile, texture stone coating, carving etc, Natural color sand can be used to produce marble, floor tile, ceramic tile, it makes them color live, smooth and strong.  Natural color sand can be used to make inner and outer wall stone painting, caving etc, the coating material made from natural color sand characterizes nontoxic, odorless, soft color, vivid etc, the road paved by color stone can beautify the environment and make people healthier.
 Color :    Pink,Grey,Black, Red, Yellow, White, Green etc..
 Raw materials: china black, snow white, black&white pot, tiger yellow, rice yellow, mid yellow, golden yellow, milky yellow, forever green, grayish green, grayish jade, white jade, 3-color, fruit green, deep green, week green, germ green, phonix green, apple green, china red, peach red, orange red,G red,Jing red, Taihang red,blood red, Furong red etc
 Size:   8-16mesh 10-20mesh, 20-40mesh,40mesh-80mesh, 80-120mesh

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